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Futuristic Transport Solution - Ready Today!

Imagine traveling in air-conditioned comfort at speeds of up to 500 kph/300 mph

That would mean that you could travel the 225 miles from Washington DC to New York in under 1 hour.

Imagine services departing every few minutes

No booking tickets in advance - just board when YOU are ready!

Imagine Worry-Free Travel

No missed flights. No airport check-ins. No weather delays. None.

Imagine Safe Travel

Our system is 1,000 times safer than road transport, and is also safer than air and rail transport.

Imagine Cheap Travel

Yes, tickets cost far less than airline tickets.

Imagine Environmentally Friendly Travel

We all know that transport has a large impact on the environment. Our system uses less energy than any other transport system.

Imagine All This With NO Government Subsidies

Because our system costs less than a quarter of the costs of other systems, they can be constructed and operated with no government/taxpayer subsidies.

Yes, they can be operated at a profit. Use taxpayers money for education, health and other needs!

Ready Now!

Development of the STU system has been ongoing since 1977. After more than 500 man-years of design and development, the STU system, with over 100 inventions covered by 41 worldwide patents, is now ready for commercial implementation.

We are currently seeking investment to commercialize the technology. See our Media page for further details.

If you would like information on any aspect of the STU systems, please don't hesitate to contact us.