Freight Transport Solution


Long Distance Freght TransportFreight is transported on STU systems using individual 1 - 20 tonne capacity transport modules rather than long trains. Therefore, STU systems offer flexibility to transport large or small shipments.

Depending on the application, single rail or double rail STU systems can be used to transport freight over long distances for a fraction of the cost of transporting it using conventional rail or road transport.

What's more, the STU system can often be constructed over rugged terrain where constructing a railway would be impossible or cost-prohibitive. They can also often be constructed in environmentally sensitive areas where you wouldn't be able to construct other transport systems.Freight Suspended1

If you have some freight transportation needs, or would like to find out more information, please go ahead and contact us. We can discuss your needs and see if the STU system can meet those needs. You will never get sales pressure from us!